Wooden Building Structures Supporting to create spaces infused with the natural warmth of wood, and breathing life into wood-based community development, as a pioneer in wooden bi-directional rigid-framed structures

Drawing on knowledge, experience and a wealth of expertise, underpinned by a proven track record, SMBKZ provides total support for wooden structures, from a range of solutions through to structural calculations, material procurement and construction management.

Strengths of SMBKZ wooden building structures

  1. Providing total support via experts specializing in construction

    SMBKZ has a team of expert staff, including First Class Architects, Structural Design First Class Architects, First Class Construction Management Engineers and Wood Technological Master of Glulam, to provide total support for every aspect of structural frames, from structural calculations to material procurement and construction management.

  2. Demonstrating on comprehensive capabilities, built on a proven track record, trust and outstanding information gathering capabilities

    SMBKZ has built trusting relationships with countless customers and clients over many years, including design firms and construction companies. It also draws on the international networks provided by Mitsui & Co., Ltd. and Sumitomo Corporation and Marubeni Corporation, as well as it's own comprehensive capabilities as a nationwide building material trading company, to help create spaces that are both safe and comfortable.

  3. Summit HR Construction System for wooden bi-directional rigid-framed structures

    The Summit HR Construction System enables bi-directional rigid-framed structures to be erected without braces or bearing walls, which had previously been essential for all wooden structures. This allows for greater freedom of design, enabling the creation of spaces with a greater sense of openness and design.

Benefits of SMBKZ wooden building structures

Solutions for wooden structure-based construction systems

In addition to the Summit HR Construction System for wooden bi-directional rigid-framed structures, SMBKZ offers solutions for construction systems in line with customers' needs. These include the Summit Super HR Construction System, the first next-generation wooden structure construction system in the industry to guarantee high rigidity, and a metal frame system called the Summit SJ Construction System.

Developing operations nationwide and harnessing locally produced wood

SMBKZ deals with buildings all over Japan. It is also able to process and harness locally produced wood, in the form of laminated wood for instance, and provides material-related solutions and advice on matters such as procuring materials.

Construction examples and Achievement

Jonan Library and Children's House
Tosa Town Office (government building)
Otsuki Elementary School (gymnasium)

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