Housing Materials Providing the best possible answers to a wide range of building material needs for living spaces

SMBKZ is an industry-leading building material trading company that deals in a wide range of essential products and materials for house building and is heavily involved in distribution too.

Strengths of SMBKZ housing materials

  1. An organizational structure that enables nationwide initiatives in line with customers' needs

    SMBKZ has sales offices in key locations throughout Japan and has established an organizational structure that enables it to implement initiatives nationwide as and when necessary, and to provide tailored services in line with customers' business strategies.

  2. A wide variety of products and services and a diverse network of sales channels

    SMBKZ makes the most of its rich variety of products and services, and its diverse network spanning the distribution and construction sectors, to meet customers' expectations in terms of both sales and purchasing.

  3. Harnessing a global network and information from multiple sources

    SMBKZ combines the international network and information at the disposal of Mitsui & Co., Ltd. and Sumitomo Corporation and Marubeni Corporation with the expertise it has built up itself over many years, to offer solutions that cater precisely to modern-day needs.

Benefits of SMBKZ housing materials

Effective solutions in line with customers' needs

SMBKZ offers effective product and service-based solutions in line with customers' needs, placing an emphasis on customer communication and providing a wide range of essential materials for building, installation and manufacturing in the housing sector.

Varied services in response to diverse needs

SMBKZ operates over a wide area and can provide varied services in response to an increasingly diverse array of customer needs by combining its broad range of products and services.
For instance, SMBKZ offers nationwide siding services for exterior housing construction.

Solutions that reflect changes in the environment

SMBKZ offers optimum product and service-based solutions that suit customers' requirements by accurately identifying changes in the environment, from revisions to housing-related systems to changing social needs. SMBKZ provides planning, solutions and other such services for pre-cut exterior materials, as part of its siding business, and for serviced elderly housing, as part of its special sales business.

Example of products

Prefabricated baths
Integrated kitchens
Toilets and wash basins
Flooring, furniture and interior items
Staircases and storage
Plasterboard and insulation materials
External wall materials
Solar power systems/HEMS
Exterior items
Foam heat insulating materials
Foundation packing

Businesses related to SMKC housing materials

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