SD Precut Kenso Co., Ltd.

SMBKZ established SD Precut Kenso Co., Ltd. with the aim of promoting initiatives to reduce industrial waste from plant processing, reuse waste materials and recycle waste from plants, and to help expand SMBKZ's own business (chiefly through orders for exterior materials), as well as improving the environment (reducing noise and airborne dust particles), shortening construction periods and streamlining operations (eliminating shortages of skilled workers) on residential building sites.

Corporate Profile

Company name

SD Precut Kenso Co., Ltd.


\90 million

Corporate Ownership

SMBKZ: 60% (developing and expanding sales channels for construction orders, corporate management)

ISHIHARA Co., Ltd.: 30% (providing precut technology developer, technology, technical guidance, etc.)

NICHIHA CORPORATION: 10% (providing technical assistance with product technology, quality control, etc.)

Address Head office

JT Building(inside SMBKZ),
2-2-1 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan

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3-9-31 Yoshioka-higashi, Ayase-shi, Kanagawa 252-1125, Japan
Tel: +81-467-81-5887 Fax: +81-467-81-5301


May 16, 2011

Board of Directors
  • SMBKZ: 4 (President, part-time directors (2), part-time auditor)
  • ISHIHARA Co., Ltd.: 2 (part-time director, part-time auditor)
  • NICHIHA CORPORATION: 1 (part-time director)
Business objectives
  1. 1.Pre-cutting and selling building materials (mainly exterior materials)
  2. 2.Manufacturing and selling exterior components (corners, etc.) made from precut materials
  3. 3.Selling materials incidental to the above activities 1. and 2.
  4. 4.Providing services incidental or related to any of the above activities


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